Benji Friedman

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8" x 8", 108 pages.


 A book full of random words that can spark creative work and inspiration. some have never been seen / uttered before and others are from various languages.

The title comes from the word "Cledomancy", divination through chance or random events, random words in particular. Similar to cleromancy (the casting of lots), gazing into dark mirrors, watching the flight patterns of birds, watching the ripples of water and reading tea leaves, tarot cards, the I Ching and other forms of divination, this project continues on the work that people throughout history have been exploring, experimenting, and living with-- that of tapping / tuning into intuition / the subconscious / spirits / the patterns of nature//reality, and gaining insight or understanding through the activity / practice.

Turn to a random page, read a random word or series of them, do what you will-- reflect / meditate, imagine what they mean. as a name, who it would be. They could be new concepts, or the names of concepts that exist and don't have names yet, or a million other things.

Also I've found that if you search the words on the internet or as hashtags on social media, interesting things can happen.